Public Lewdness Charges

33-year-old Christoper Vojt of Greenfield is facing charges this morning. Police say witnesses saw him expose himself to passing traffic alo…

Local Effort

Local Red Cross volunteer Ed Gordon is headed to Indiana to lend a hand to flooded communities.

Tornado Latest

A tornado tore through a Boy Scout camp in Iowa on Wednesday, killing four scouts and injuring 48.

“Community Gun”

West Hill residents are outraged that a “community gun” was used in the Kathina Thomas shooting.

Abuse Report

The I.G.'s abuse report confirms what the parents of the late Jonathan Carey have alleged for months.

Operation Family Tree

Guns, gangs and drugs: a new initiative takes down some major drug rings in the Capital Region.

Two Children Lost

An emotional interview with the mother of the alleged shooter in little Kathina Thomas' death.

Changes for Governor’s Police Unit

Changes are coming for the state police detail assigned to protect the Governor so that elected officials cannot push the troopers around. T…