Jerusalem-based artist’s collages convey political turmoil

NEW YORK (AP) — Artist Andi Arnovitz manipulates ancient Islamic motifs into vibrant collages that convey the Iranian nuclear threat and other regional political turmoil.

Thirty-three pieces by the Jerusalem-based painter and printmaker are going on view at the Yeshiva University Museum in the Center for Jewish History in New York City on Sunday.

Arnovitz uses Uzbek, Persian and Anatolian textiles, rugs and ceramic. She weaves them into medallion shapes that are both beautiful and unsettling.

They express her personal and global concerns about the Iran nuclear deal with titles like “Fission and Fusion” and “Making Uranium Ore Concentrate.”

The Kansas City, Missouri-born artist says the collages present a collision of the past and present, good and evil.

The exhibition, titled “Threatened Beauty,” runs through Jan. 10. It was shown in Jerusalem earlier this year.



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