Mixed feelings about the March snowstorms

CAPITAL REGION (NEWS10) – Round three of snow for the Capital Region and spring is supposedly just around the corner.

So we set out to ask, do you think it’s pretty? Or is it getting pretty annoying?

“I’m sick of it. It’s gotta go,” Ed Freier, of Burlington, Conn., said.

Freier, a traveling salesman, was making a pit stop on his way up north to Plattsburgh.

It’s a trip that had so far taken him twice as long as it typically does.

“The south is looking better and better every day.”

Maybe Pat Cusano could point him in the right direction.

“I am so tired of the snow I’m heading to Florida on Thursday.”

While some are desperate for sunshine and a dose of Vitamin D, others say they can’t get enough of the fresh powder.  It’s what living in the northeast is all about!

“Love the snow!” Phil Russo, of Clifton Park, said. “[I] love to ski.”

Karen Duthaler is right there with him! She says her family spends most of their weekends on the mountain.

“Yup and I like the white it’s nice and pretty instead of the brown.”

Hannah Reale says it’s a love-hate kinda thing.

“It’s kind of a mixture a both. I like the snow, but we’ve had a lot of it so I think I’m ready for spring.”

So what’s the consensus?

According to my amateur study on social media, out of 72 votes on my Twitter poll, 18 percent said so pretty! While 82 percent said it’s pretty annoying.

People had a similar sentiment on Facebook.

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