Former Cuomo aide found guilty on 3 counts

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – The verdict is in. Jurors convicted Joseph Percoco on three counts finding him guilty on two counts of conspiracy and solicitation of bribes.

Hopes were raised when we heard not guilty on first two counts.

Defense Attorney Barry Bohrer and Joseph Percoco are still digesting the news out of court.

Percoco was disappointed and thinking of his support system.

“I am thankful to my wonderful legal team and I’m thankful to my family and friends that have stood by me through this entire process and I look forward to them all standing by me as we go forward.”

Prosecutors argued Percoco sold his influence in government, to help executives with business before the state.

Steven Aiello, from COR Development, was found not guilty on bribery charges, but guilty on one count of conspiracy.

His attorney Steve Coffey says that verdict is inconsistent with the law.

“You can’t reconcile the two. You put them back to back, you find one is a bribe, and then it’s not a bribe. And that’s why courts step in and there’s no showing that Aiello even knew he (Percoco) was acting on behalf of the state when this happened so we’ve got some legitimate issues here.”

Joseph Gerardi, also from COR, was found not guilty on all charges and the jury remains deadlocked on CPV Executive Peter Galbraith Kelly Jr.

Kelly is accused of disguising bribes through payments to Percoco’s wife Lisa.

Attorney Barry Bohrer asserts it’s no doubt a difficult time to be trying a case in Albany politics and may pursue an appeal.

“We think it was a much closer case than some were lead to believe and I think the jury’s verdict is a reflection of that. We are going to look at any and all options going forward in terms of pursuing further review.”

Attorney Steve Coffey says he does plan to make a motion to set aside this verdict

As it stands now the sentencing date for Aiello is set for June 14.

Percoco is scheduled to be sentenced on June 11.

NYS Governor Cuomo released the following statement regarding the verdict: 

“The jury has reached a verdict and I respect that decision. While I am sad for Joe Percoco’s young daughters who will have to deal with this pain, I echo the message of the verdict – there is no tolerance for any violation of the public trust. There is no higher calling than public service and integrity is paramount – principles that have guided my work during the last 40 years. The verdict demonstrated that these ideals have been violated by someone I knew for a long time. That is personally painful; however, we must learn from what happened and put additional safeguards in place to secure the public trust. Anything less is unacceptable.”

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