Wishes Come True: Brittney’s Story

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Wishes are coming true right here in the Capital Region.

“I wanted to call you because I wanted to invite you to my show in January in New York.”

“OH MY GOD!! Yes. I will be there.”

“That’s awesome! See you soon. Bye.”

Brittney Decker is an 18-year-old Shen senior and a big Khalid fan.

“I was so nervous but so excited at the same time.”

That FaceTime call happened this past December ahead of Khalid’s concert at Radio City Music Hall. It was the night before the Grammy’s where the newcomer was up for Best New Artist.

“Just seeing the smile on her face excited me to go out on that stage and spread that joy and that positivity to everyone in the audience.”

According to Brittney, meeting up with Khalid on his “Roxy tour” was, well, let’s call it kismet.

“I got a dog when I first became ill and named her Roxy. He just got a dog and named it Roxy. That’s why his tour is ‘Roxy.’ So I was like, this is meant to be.”

Brittney lives with a couple of different autoimmune diseases that, unfortunately, have put limitations on her childhood.

“I think she grew up fast. She’s lost some of her fun years in high school and doing what a teenager would do,” Sandy Decker, Brittney’s mom, said.

Make-A-Wish of Northeast New York and Khalid’s partnership with Southwest Airlines working hand in hand to give Brittney’s childhood that much-needed boost by making her wish come true.

“If I’m ever going through a hard time with my health, I can look back on this and it will give me the strength to keep fighting,” Brittney said.

“It was the best vacation ever. I just want to thank Make-A-Wish, Southwest and mostly Khalid,” Sandy said.

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