Convicted killer Johnny Oquendo seeks to represent himself, sentencing delayed again

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In Rensselaer County, yet another holdup Thursday in the sentencing of convicted killer Johnny Oquendo. Oquendo was convicted in the 2015 murder of his stepdaughter Noel Alkaramla, concealing her body in a suitcase and throwing it into the Hudson River.

Oquendo’s trial was a roller coaster of bizarre witnesses and setbacks for the prosecution. His initial sentencing was scrapped when a report by parole included a crime from when he was a juvenile offender.

This time Oquendo fired his new court-appointed lawyer, demanded to represent himself and asked for more time so he could review the most recent pre-sentencing report.

“I haven’t had the adequate opportunity to research this or to look through this,” Oquendo said Thursday. “And I’ve had no opportunity to challenge the information that’s in here, or to cross-examine it.”

When asked by Judge Andrew Ceresia how much time he would need to review the PSI before proceeding, Oquendo said Monday at the latest. Judge Ceresia agreed to the date.

Oquendo also entered a motion for a new trial, which Judge Ceresia denied.

Oquendo is facing 25 to life.

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