Plows prep for the winter storm

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A day at the salt yard ahead of the storm sounds goes a bit like this, front loaders moving salt and then sending them on their way.

There’s no shortage of salt here. There is roughly 25,000 tons of sodium chloride.

Crews started pre-treating the roads around 1 a.m., making their rounds, keeping the pavement wet and warm before the heavy snow started falling.

Bryan Viggiani with the Department of Transportation says it’ll be all hands on deck for the next 24 hours.

“We’ve got about 180 trucks at the ready. Just out of this Latham yard alone, we have 17 trucks. So, we have plenty of equipment, the crews are ready, 500 personnel just in Region 1, which is enough for 2 shifts, plus supervisors and folks at TMC who keep an eye on the roads for us.”

Viggiani says shift change is around 1 p.m. So it’s going to look a lot like a Nascar pit stop around here, swapping out drivers and getting the trucks back out on the roads as quickly as possible.

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