NYS Legislature tackles gun safety measures

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Gun control bills, the topic Wednesday in the NYS Legislature.

There are two packages of bills that passed, one in the Senate and one in the Assembly.

Heastie: “Passage of these bills today marks yet another step in our effort to curb gun violence yet it is not the end,” said Speaker of the Assembly, Carl Heastie (D – Bronx).

On Tuesday, the Assembly passed a package of five bills that have to do with gun control. The bills would ban bump stocks, expand background checks and take away guns from those who are determined by a court to be a threat to others or themselves.

“If Congress won’t act than we must show that New York once again will lead,” said Patricia Fahy (D – Albany).

On Monday, the Senate passed their large package of 15 bills that also look at trying to prevent gun violence in schools. These bills, however, have more to do with improving security and would place armed officers in schools.

Now, lawmakers will presumably try and combine these two packages of bills from their two separate houses. Except this will be no easy task, since just last week the Senate shot down many similar gun proposals, the Assembly passed. Senator John Defrancisco (R – Syracuse) indicated there would have to be some determining factors if he would vote for gun control bills.

“If it’s good legislation, then definitely. If it’s not I’ll vote no and give my reasons why, but you got to look at each piece of legislation independently,” Defrancisco said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has only weighed in briefly on this debate, calling out the Republican led Senate last week, saying:

“The Republicans are offering incremental reforms to appear responsive. Democrats should define real reform in this moment.”

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