Some customers excluded from Spectrum TV deal

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Spectrum Cable is offering a new package aimed at young people who are forgoing cable TV altogether. But it’s leaving its current customers out.

A new offering from Spectrum lets customers pick and choose their channels for just about $20 a month but it’s not available to just anyone.

We have access to hundreds of channels but how many do we actually watch?

“Probably about 5”

Spectrum Cable knows more and more customers are cutting the cable cord altogether and are opting instead for streaming services.

“Netflix is a lot better in the sense that you watch it when you want to watch it.”

Spectrum is taking the hint, offering a new package called “Choice” where you can pick any 10 channels for $21 dollars for the first two years.

“I’ve often said I wish they would give me a menu and I could pick out the 10 channels I’m interested in,” Francis Morris, a Spectrum customer, said.

Morris would love to take advantage of the new package but he’s not eligible.

“I would be very interested in that package but it seems to be a mystery.”

Choice is only being offered to internet and internet/voice customers. The new package is another way Spectrum says they’re working to better serve consumer demand.

“At Spectrum, we’re always looking for ways to make your TV experience better.”

Part of that is the switchover to digital boxes, Morris is picking up his today.

“Hopefully it’s simple enough to hook up,” Morris said.

Morris is out of luck but young people who, right now only pay for internet, are the target for the new package.

“It’s not like horrible but also you’re kind of limited to like a few stuff and if you’re like oh I don’t really want to watch this then you’re still kind of stuck with it.”

For some streamers used to options, it may be hard to reattach the cord that’s already been cut.

“And 10 bucks a month is a lot better than $20.”

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