No verdict in sight after fifth day of jury deliberations in Percoco trial

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – Deliberations continued in the corruption trial of Joseph Percoco on Thursday with still no verdict in sight.

On the fifth day of deliberations, jurors sent a note asking for an electronic copy of transcripts from the entire trial. The judge denied the request, explaining that it would take days for prosecutors to sort through the thousands of pages of transcripts to redact objections and sidebars.

Earlier in the week, a flurry of notes indicated a restless jury. Three jurors asked to be dismissed from the case due to personal and work issues. There were also at least two notes expressing they’re in a deadlock.

One juror cites fundamental differences, and that “nobody wants to compromise their own beliefs.”

Another juror writes, “we are largely divided in opposing views. The only thing we seem to agree on is that we cannot agree.”

The judge did not grant any of the excuses.

One juror is holding up the process saying she cannot deliberate past 2 p.m. and her mind is at home with her two sick children.

The defense says they are strongly against bringing in an alternate juror. The judge denied a motion for a mistrial for now.

The only other option, she says, is to continue with 11 jurors.

“It’s a good sign that they [the jurors] are carefully considering the evidence and it’s a good sign that they picked up on points that we made if you can read into the jury notes. More than that it’s hard to tell,” Barry Bohrer, Percoco’s attorney, said.

Bohrer says they’re still considering their options.

“Well see what the next day in court brings then we’ll give our reaction to the judge and see how it turns out.”


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