Long-lasting power outage over in Petersburgh

PETERSBURGH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Power is restored in a town that lost it all after Friday’s storm for several days.

Now they’re preparing for this to possibly happen all over again on Wednesday.

Downed trees and poles are not a good mix and they could be in for another round of power outages.

“We didn’t really think that much of it you know for a day or so but then it just kept kind of dragging on,” Jeanne Ferland, a Petersburgh resident, said.

From Friday morning to Monday afternoon, Ferland and her husband Asa Zoesman lived without power along with about 121 other homes.

“It was a little frustrating. It was a little tiring.”

They had to melt snow for drinking water and carry buckets of water from the stream to flush the toilet and bathe.

A small generator helped them keep their refrigerator running and luckily they still had heat and could cook because of their wood stoves.

“I mean we had it better than some people because some people don’t have wood stoves.”

Losing power is something they’re used to in Petersburgh.

“It’s not unusual to have you know two or three times a year where it’s out for a few hours,” Zoesman said.

“If you live here you understand this,” Tom Masone, a Petersburgh resident, said.

To avoid the problems that come with outages, Masone bought a generator for his whole house.

“It’s relatively easy to hook up. It provides most of the services we use all day long.”

It was still frustrating for him to have to use it for four days straight.

That’s unusual and Town Supervisor Alan Webster says he’s talked with the town’s provider New York State Electric and Gas about it.

“I think the damage assessment took a lot longer than NYSEG anticipated. I think the damage was more severe than they anticipated.”

With more snow Wednesday, he says NYSEG is more prepared.

“They understand the importance of our residents being able to talk with them.”

No matter what happens, Ferland and her husband are ready.

“If we lose power again we’ll know sort of exactly what to do,” Zoesman said.

“‘Can’t control Mother Nature?’ That’s right,” Ferland said.

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