Days after last winter storm, the Capital Region braces for even more snow

SCHOHARIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The snow hasn’t even melted from last week’s storm, and already the Capital Region is preparing for round two.

Richmondville, in Schoharie County, was dumped with 33 inches of snow last week, and they’re expected to get another one to two feet on Wednesday.

Mary Rode, owner of Mary’s Diner, says Richmondville may be small, but its residents stick together.

Tuesday morning the Diner was full of locals getting in a good breakfast before a busy day of snow prep. Jim Swartout, the Superintendent of the Richmondville Department of Public Works, was among them.

The DPW is not only responsible for plowing the roads, but also for clearing the sidewalks. Swartout says there wasn’t much snow on the ground before the last storm hit, making it easier to move, but it won’t be as easy to move this time, now that snow sits piled around town.

“We’ve had time to move it back the best we can,” says Swartout. “But it won’t be as easy this time as last time. We’ll see what happens.”

Mayor Kevin Neary says he’s confident in his crews.

“We’re a small community,” says Mayor Neary. “We don’t have a lot of workers. We don’t have a lot of equipment. But our people do a great job and I’m proud of them.”

Larry Fort, president of Richmondville Ambulance agrees. He says storms can complicate emergency response, but that crews do their best to clear the way.

“The town and the village have always been really good about keeping the streets cleaned out,” says Fort. “If there is an emergency, they’re pretty much in the forefront of our ambulance making sure they plow and then we struggle to get into your house.”

Fort says it is important to keep your driveways and fire hydrants shoveled out and to keep your house number visible. Lastly, if you haven’t already done so, consider shoveling off your roof.

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