NY Thruway Authority preparing for winter storm

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This storm is expected to bring heavy rain, some snow, and strong wind gusts but it will also bring a lot of uncertainty.

Regardless, the New York State Thruway Authority is assuring drivers that they’re ready for whatever comes our way.

“So we have to prep for flooding, downed trees and any snow that we see,” Joe Stahl, Director of Albany’s Division of the Thruway Authority, said.

Stahl says they’ve been tracking, what’s proving to be a very complex storm, since the beginning of the week.

They’re bracing not only for snow and ice but significant rainfall as well.

“We look for areas where we may have the potential for water to build up and back up into the roadway. We’ve been out this week trying to make sure everything was clear all our basins were clear ready to accept heavy rainfall should that happen.”

All of that rain could complicate their efforts to pre-treat the roads.

“Everyone sees there’s a little bit of salt residual on the road and that helps when fighting the snow. This time a lot of that will go away because we’re going to have some heavy rain prior to the snow but temps will be warm enough that our salt will work effectively. We’ll be able to plow the snow off the road at a reasonable rate.”

Crews from the Albany Division alone are responsible for covering a 145 mile stretch from Kingston to Canajoharie and a portion of the Berkshire Spur.

They anticipate that conditions will fluctuate significantly along the way.

“The elevation is going to play a huge role in this storm. Down in Kingston, it’s lower elevation and the Catskill elevation means more snow. Albany is in the valley again and then Amsterdam and Canajoharie elevation changes again.”

If your weekend plans require you to travel, it may not be a bad idea to download their hands-free app with voice alerts and roadside assistance.

“If you turn your GPS on for the app that will read your location and alert you to what is happening in the area as you approach it,” Stahl said. “The idea is for everyone to make it to their destination do what they need to do and return home safely. Take it slow, don’t crowd the plow, be careful, be aware of your surroundings and use the tools out there to help you make a good decision.”

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