Helderberg region prepares for winter storm

EAST BERNE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Preparations are underway for what could be the largest snowstorm in the greater Capital Region this season.

One area that could get hit the hardest is the Hilltowns.

People living in the Hilltowns are getting ready for what could be two feet of snow, picking up anything they may need for the incoming weather.

“Bring it on. Bring it on,” said Leroy Vanvokenburg of East Berne.

Vanvokenburg is counting down the hours until snow arrives in his town.

“The kids can slide. I can stay inside by my wood stove, we’re golden,” Vanvokenburg said.

To prepare he stopped by Helderberg true value to buy some batteries.

“So I can listen to my radio tomorrow just in case, we’re probably going to get a power outage,” Vanvokenburg said.

Ed Dibble knows what that’s like, having experienced a major outage in the Hilltowns.

“Back in ’88 we lost power for a week,” Dibble said.

So he’s not taking any chances, filling up on kerosene. He has a back-up heating source.

“Just trying to get ahead of it. Hopefully we don’t even need it but it’s good to have just in case,” Dibble said.

True Value manager, Will Roberts says kerosene and propane are what most people are getting. While others are coming in with their kerosene heaters to get them repaired and cleaned up.

“Even though it’s going to go from cold to warm as quick as it does, people do want to make sure they’re prepared for long periods of cold,” Roberts said.

But, this weather is nothing new for the Helderberg region.

“We always seem to get a lot more snow than off the hill by double, triple sometimes,” Roberts said.

Many of those living here welcome it.

“It’s just the way we live up here. You hear the weather, you get ready for it,” Dibble said.

“We live in the hills. This is what we’re supposed to have,” Vanvokenburg said.

The Hilltowns haven’t seen this kind of snow in recent years. About eight years ago, they had one of their largest storms with more than four feet of snow.

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