Code enforcement suspect takes the stand in Jay Street fire trial

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The trial for a man who was responsible for inspecting a building that caught fire killing four people continued Wednesday.

Kenneth Tyree is facing charges including criminally negligent homicide.

He took the stand himself on Wednesday.

After lunch, the defense was given the case and called its first witness, Tyree, who had nothing to say as he headed into court.

Tyree was noticeably nervous on the stand as his own lawyer questioned him about several things surrounding his job with the City of Schenectady.

He admitted to having a criminal past, even spending some time in state prison.

He emotionally talked about how he got into a lot of trouble as a young man.

He also admitted to lying on his civil service test about that criminal record.

Tyree says when he became a housing inspector with the city, he went through on the job training with the other inspectors and went through state training, which he received a certificate for in 2016, nearly a year after that deadly fire.

Earlier in this trial, the prosecution alleged Tyree had inspected the buildings on Jay Street the day before a fire broke out in March of 2015.

They say Tyree ignored clear safety violations but his attorney maintains he wasn’t qualified to inspect a building of that caliber.

Tyree remains on the stand and the prosecution will have their chance.

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