Students protest gun violence at Taconic and Pittsfield High Schools

BERKSHIRE COUNTY, Mass. (NEWS10) – Hundreds of students in Berkshire County walked out of class on Tuesday to demand change that will prevent another mass school shooting.

A sea of students emerged from Taconic High School armed with signs, and their voices.

“No more silence on gun violence.”

The students demanded steps be taken to make their school safer.

“People are scared to go to school and we’ve had guns at Taconic and it’s scary.”

“One way to get in the morning is to have a guard at every single exit.”

As the crowd assembled on the football field, the focus shifts to 17 the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting with six minutes of silence.

“These people were our age and in six minutes their lives were taken away and in two minutes mine could be taken away.”

The students hoping their actions will spur the government to pass what they call “common sense gun laws.”

“We need our federal government to make changes for all of us for all of the children we need federal level and background checks.”

Behind the marchers was a pick-up flying an American flag.

Senior Cooper Baity was not participating in the walkout.

“It shouldn’t be all about guns, there isn’t one solution to that problem and that one solution is not guns.”

He says he respects his classmates but thinks the walkout is misguided.

Not so says Kendra Delph who says inaction will ensure tragedy repeats itself.

“Cause we’re next and if we’re dead we can’t do anything.”

At Pittsfield High School, a small group of students remained outside following a rally.

“I’m not going inside, I’m going to stand out here until our laws are changed to make schools safe for myself and my little brothers.”

The superintendent and principals say they support the students. Educators feel the walkout was a lesson in itself.

“I don’t think that a civic responsibility is just getting out of class plus some.”

They’re not cutting class, students say they’re creating change and proving the stigma about their generation wrong.

“That we’re lazy and that we don’t understand whats going on in the world, we’ve done our research and we know what’s happening and we’re so proud of my classmates and my friends who put this together.”

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