Closing arguments held in the Percoco trial

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – Summations wrapped up for the day in the corruption trial for Joseph Percoco, one of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s former top aides.

During closing arguments, the defense attacked the credibility of Todd Howe, who is thought to be the government’s star witness.

On Tuesday morning, prosecutors reminded jurors of their evidence, pointing to emails and bank records.

It all begins with the demand for “ziti”, a code word for bribes according to the government. It’s a phrase they pulled directly from Percoco’s emails.

Prosecutors say those emails are among a trove of evidence uncovered by investigators that prove Percoco took more than $300,000 in bribes from two companies in exchange for official state action.

The prosecution asserts bank records show how the three co-defendants funneled checks through Howe to cover their payments to Percoco and his wife Lisa.

Defense lawyers claim the government left out emails. They argue the only evidence that Howe was used as a middle man is Howe’s word, which they say is unreliable, uncorroborated and unsubstantiated.

The defense is halfway through summations.

NEWS10 ABC heard closings for two executives accused of bribing Percoco for state funds.

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