Regional cinema companies place bag restrictions on customers

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Big changes are underway for a popular movie chain. One company is now banning anyone from entering the theater with a certain sized bag, all in effort to keep people safe.

Cinemark Theaters is announcing that starting Thursday, if you have a bag that does not meet their specifications, you won’t be let in.

The hope is to prevent people from entering with weapons inside.

Maxann Beja and her son, Archie, cherish days like this.

“We watch a lot of movies together,” Beja said.

He’s on break from school and they’re spending it catching up on the latest flicks. But, depending on where they go, that experience is about to change.

Starting now, any Cinemark Theater will turn people away who have bags deemed too large.

“I like that they’re taking precautions,” Beja said.

All of this comes on the heels of another mass shooting. The hope is, by not allowing certain sized bags in, no can bring a weapon with them.

Maxann says she worries for her family.

“I think about it when my children go somewhere big, I don’t like to plan things like that anymore,” Beja said. “I just think you can’t prevent people from wanting to have some personal items with them.”

But she’s not so sure this will work.

Meanwhile, Kathy Woods said this is the least they can do.

“I think it’s a good idea to have metal detectors and armed guards,” Woods said.

Not so fast says Danny Makhijani.

“I really think it’s a knee jerk reaction,” Makhijani.

He says looking in bags is fine, but banning larger ones outright is an overreach.

“Do what you do at stadiums maybe. Look in the bags,” Makhijani

Officially, Cinemark said any bags larger than 12 inches by 12 inches aren’t allowed in, with the exception of diaper and medical bags.

Even still, autumn smith wants to find a middle ground.

“There’s gotta be a compromise between the two,” Smith said.

Right now there are no Cinemark Theaters in the capital region, but there is one in Rochester and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Regal Cinema is not yet enforcing any bag ban.

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