Local church will pay for armed school guards

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  One local church is trying to do its part to help schools stay secure.

Pastor Charlie with Victory Church in Albany says he will pay for an armed guard at any school across the country for one week.

He says it’s time to stop talking about the issue and take action.

Pastor Muller has been involved in getting guns off the streets for nearly a decade.

Now, he’s taking his mission a step further.

“We’re looking for someone to step up and be an example so we can stop these foolish shootings.”

Offering to pay for an armed guard at any school that wants it for a whole week.

“If we put someone armed in our schools watching the monitors that is a professional that can deal with this stuff we won’t see this happen again.”

Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo knows firsthand the terror that can come with a school shooting scare.

“We need to do something. It’s my job to protect the students and the staff and parents.”

In the fall, the Ballston Spa School District was the subject of such a threat.

“The school went into lockdown and our training paid off to the staff and students.”

Michael Markham’s daughter Taylyn is in the 8th grade at the middle school there.

“My daughter tells me they have drills, there are procedures.”

He’s pleased with the security measures there and thinks an armed guard could complicate things.

“Can that person actually put a projectile from a three or five inch barrel where it needs to be with my child around?”

Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen says having a professional guard the school can help prevent an incident from happening in the first place.

“I think it affords the people in those various locations an understanding of who to go to if there’s an issue or a concern.”

Saying this community is lucky to have people willing to step up.

“Those are the men and women who run towards the danger and run towards the emergency when everyone else runs away.”

Pastor Muller says if schools want the armed guards … He’ll make it happen.

“It will make a difference. They’re not going to get beyond the front door they’re not going to be able to kill 17, 18, 15, 5 kids.”

Sherrif Zurlo says he’s already working with three school districts in Saratoga County to put armed guards in place.

The pastor says no one has taken him up on his offer quite yet.

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