Warning signs to look out for to prevent mass school shootings

(WFLA/WTTA) — A PSA video was released by the parents of the students who died in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The parents said keeping your eyes open for warning signs in kids is a tough lesson to learn, but a surprising one.

Warning signs

  • A strong fascination or obsession with firearms can be a warning sign.
  • Exhibiting excessive over-reactions or aggressive behavior for a seemingly minor reason can signal someone who cannot self-regulate their emotions or control their anger.
  • Perpetrators of a self-harm or violence toward others may be victims of long-term bullying and may have real or perceived feelings of being picked on or persecuted by others.
  • Excessive study of firearms and mass shootings can mean a person is planning violence.
  • Unsupervised, illegal and /or easy access to firearms, or bragging about access to firearms, can be a warning sign.
  • Gestures of violence and low commitment or aspirations toward school, or a sudden change in academic performance can be a sign that someone needs help.

An official GoFundMe campaign has been created by the Broward Education Foundation. The funds raised will be used to provide direct relief and financial support to the victims and families following the shooting in Florida.

Learn more about the warning signs of gun violence.

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