Man arrested after missing man’s body found in Catskill

CATSKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police say they have arrested a man in connection with the death of Brandyn Foster.

Police say Foster’s former neighbor Carlos Graham was arrested and charged with second-degree murder on Thursday.

Foster’s body was found by New York State Police last week near his former home on Tool House Road in Catskill.

Foster was first reported missing in January 2017. Police say Foster’s death was ruled a homicide following an autopsy.

Graham is currently lodged at the Greene County Jail without bail pending a future court appearance. This arrest is a long time coming for Brandyn Foster’s mom, since her son was reported missing.

“I am so thrilled cause I knew it was him all along,” said Bonnie Steinberg Foster, Brandyn’s mom.

She is finally feeling relieved knowing that the man who allegedly killed her son is now behind bars.

“I knew that they just trashed my son somewhere like he was garbage,” Steinberg Foster said.

NYS Police arrested Graham after finding him at home. This came nearly two weeks after police found Brandyn’s body buried on the property in Catskill where they used to be neighbors; which police had already searched several months earlier.

“They told me from the beginning that they were committed to finding out where Brandyn was and what happened to him and they were not going to give up until they did and they kept their word,” Steinberg Foster said.

While Bonnie says she knows it was Carlos, his brother Roberto, said he doesn’t think it was him.

“What they’re charging him for I don’t believe that he’s guilty for any of that,” said Roberto Graham.

He wants to make sure his brother gets a fair shake.

“I think that if you send him to this small court room right now in this small town, they’re just going to paint a picture,” Graham said.

But, Bonnie is ready to get justice and if she has the chance to talk to Carlos, she wants to know why.

“Was it worth killing my son? And did you really think you were going to live a happy life after you did such an inhumane thing,” Steinberg Foster said.

Graham was arraigned in Cairo Town Court before being sent to Greene County Jail. The District Attorney for Greene County said Graham is scheduled to be back in court next Wednesday in Catskill and that he plans to bring the case to a grand jury.

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