Rush for chocolate as Valentine’s Day nears

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Flowers, teddy bears, and of course chocolate are all signs that Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.

Chocolate covered strawberries are some of the most popular gifts this Valentine’s Day.

Uncle Sam’s candy is a staple for many people around Valentine’s Day.

“I love the chocolates, I’m a chocoholic.”

“Oh just for any occasion, Easter, I love their chocolate here.”

Melissa Thwaitz is the woman behind much of the magic.

“That smile on their face is really worth it, it makes it all worth it.”

She’s dipping thousands and thousands of fresh strawberries.

“Today, we had some orders over the weekend we had some orders, but tomorrow we hit.”

She says the trick is having the perfect berry.

“The rule is if we wouldn’t eat it, we’re not going to give it to you.”

And make sure the chocolate is top notch too.

“We have to temper it so it comes to the right temperature and looks shiny on the berries and tastes right.”

Here’s exactly what it takes to dip the perfect berry.

“Pull the green up a little bit, because nobody wants a green dipped in chocolate.”

It’s not quite as easy as it looks.

“That one is a little bit better.”

Thwaitz says the chocolate berries are the most popular pick around Valentine’s Day.

“Something fresh and chocolate, who doesn’t love chocolate?”

They are made fresh to order or pick up at the store or made to order fresh every single day.

“Seeing everybody happy, you get to make somebody happy by making them a special treat.”

Making your gift of love just that much sweeter.

“Oh, happy Valentine’s Day honey.”

“I love you honey, Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Whether it’s some of these delicious fresh dipped strawberries or something else sweet, you’re sure to find something perfect for your special someone.

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