Man wanted for questioning in Catskill man’s death

CATSKILLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York State Police are searching for the neighbor of a Catskill musician whose body was found last week.

The man’s brother is now begging for him to turn himself in.

This is the property where NYSP say they found the body of Brandyn Foster. Police are looking to talk to his former neighbor, Carlos Graham. Carlos is said to be on the run. His brother is making a public plea to get him to turn himself in.

By phone from New York City, Roberto Graham made a plea to his brother Carlos.

“If he can hear my voice right now, I want to tell him I love him. I support him and I believe him and I just want you to turn yourself in and get this over with and show them whatever you have to tell them. Just so that I know you’re ok. ”

Roberto told me his brother Carlos had contacted him back in October after police searched the Catskill property where he and Brandyn Foster had once lived.

“He was at the location. They raided the house and he was inside the home. I had spoke to him after that and he told me that he was sleeping. They kicked the door in and they didn’t charge him with anything. They just questioned him, the girl, and they let him go. ”

Things changed this past Tuesday, during a second search of the property. Brandyn’s body was found. Police say the local musician and rapper had gone missing under suspicious circumstances.

Carlos was nowhere to be found.

His brother says the next day the police raided his NYC apartment.

This wasn’t just two officers in my home. They expressed, hey, this is a serious matter.

Roberto said with no way of contacting Carlos. He went online to gather details and came across our interviews with Brandyn’s mother.

“I could hear the pain in her voice. When I heard that the first thing I thought of was my own brother and I said wow. If they think he’s involved in something like this there’s no telling how they will approach the situation if they come in contact with him I fear that something bad could happen to him. I don’t want to feel the pain she’s feeling with the loss of my brother.”

Roberto says he does not believe his brother is capable of hurting anyone.

NYSP says there is no arrest warrant out of Graham. They only want to talk to him about Brandyn Foster’s death.

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