Union College hosts fundraiser for student who died from epilepsy complications

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local community is coming together to show their support for a college student who died this past fall of epilepsy.

Sunday, more than 150 people came to skate here at the Union College hockey rink for Alex Askenazy, a sophomore who died last October of complications from epilepsy.

Askenazy was a goalkeeper for the Union College club hockey team and came to Union because he wanted to play hockey.

“Every weekend he was here doing games for the club team,” said his friend, Kyle Doney.

That deep passion for the sport is what inspired a fundraiser hosted by a Union College fraternity. The fundraiser would be held for people to skate at the school’s ice rink to raise money for epilepsy research.

His friends and brothers of Alpha Phi Omega knew the fundraiser would be something Alex would have loved.

All afternoon members of the Union and Schenectady communities enjoyed an afternoon of skating in his honor, with all the proceeds benefiting Citizens United for research in epilepsy, a non-profit that supports epilepsy research.

“Alex was a really good friend,” Doney said.

Doney is still coping with the loss of his friend, Askenazy, since last fall.

“I had never had someone close to me pass away like that and it was really hard,” Doney said.

They met nearly two years ago as freshmen at Union College.

“He was amazing. He would work somehow 20 more hours than all of us a week in his room studying,” Doney said.

Committee chair Arielle Singer told NEWS10 ABC that Alex was studying bio-chemistry and hoped that later on in life he could find a cure for epilepsy. His friends and the community came together to fight the disorder that he suffered from daily.

“As someone who knew him, it really means a lot that so many other people want to keep that memory going and keep that dream alive for him to you know really try and help fight epilepsy and due much more that we can,” Singer said. “We wanted to do something that he would love.”

Even though he’s no longer here, his friends feel good knowing they’re keeping his dreams alive.

“We just really hope to keep pushing his legacy forward, so this is our way of giving back, giving to CURE a little bit what he can’t,” Doney said.

Between Sunday and fundraising from the past month, they’ve raised more than $6700 for epilepsy research.

They’ll be accepting donations through February 16th. For more donation information visit the CURE CREW website.

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