Team USA represented in the bobsled by Whitehall native

Web Staff

WHITEHALL, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local village abuzz as the Winter Olympics gets underway in South Korea, as one of their own is hoping to slide his way to a gold medal and bring it home to Washington County.

Codie Bascue is a household name in Washington County and now its heard round the world and as the Olympics kick off, his hometown of Whitehall is beaming with pride.

“Here he is on the other side of the world representing for our little town of Whitehall,” said Cheryl Putorti, owner of Putorti Broadway Market.

But this little town has big pride, the morning after the opening ceremonies; one local told NEWS10 ABC what it was like to just catch a glimpse of Codie on the television Friday night.

“Chills right through everybody. Half the people were crying. I was crying because I’ve known him since he was a baby,” said Matt Dickinson, retired chief of police.

But not everyone in town does know Codie, in fact some of his biggest supporters have never even met him, but they still feel connected thousands of miles away.

“You feel like you already know him just being in town,” a worker at the market said.

“Everybody whether they really know Codie or not, they’re just filled with pride that he’s from Whitehall,” Putorti said.

With the bobsled competition in Pyeongchang just one week away, everyone in Washington County has a message for their hometown hero.

“We wish him a lot of good luck from the people of Whitehall,” said Bill VanGuilver.

“Great job. We know you’re going to medal. Good luck,” Dickinson said.

“We’re wishing you the very best luck. We would love to see you come home with a medal but even if you don’t, we are just so overjoyed that you’ve come to this stage to represent our little town of Whitehall,” Putorti said.

His training begins Thursday February 15th and he begins competition on February 18th. It’s safe to say bobsledding is Whitehall’s new favorite event.

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