Snowstorm creates dangerous roadway conditions

Photo Credit: Lauren Linder, NEWS10 ABC

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Wednesday’s snowstorm created some treacherous conditions on the roadways, causing many drivers to get into accidents.

NEWS10 ABC drove all over the Capital Region today coming across several accidents, including two on Albany Shaker Road.

“I was like what the heck is happening,” said Cindy Slutsky, Colonie native.

All Cindy Slutsky could see was white snow coming at her front windshield.

“It was just so white and it was only me on the road on this side,” Slutsky said.

No vehicles were around her and the median blended in with the road on Albany Shaker Road.

Before she knew it she crossed over and hit a car.

“I ended up sliding and ended up going into the wrong lane because I couldn’t see and then when I realized it, it was too late,” Slutsky said.

It was the case for all too many Wednesday, as drivers found themselves skidding into other vehicles and into ditches throughout the Capital Region.

Visibility was low and plows couldn’t keep up, but this kept tow truck companies.

“The call volume comes up higher normally on a snow day,” said Rafael Nieves, owner of AC’s Towing and Recovery.

Nieves said they had one of their busiest days in a while, responding to about 30 calls and he said many of them weren’t because of speeding.

“When it comes down it gets slippery quick and just one simple mistake just it puts you in a ditch, it puts you into a guardrail, it puts you behind a car,” Nieves said.

That’s exactly what happened to Slutsky, she was driving slowly.

“I never had an accident in the snow like this before,” Slutsky said.

But, just had some bad luck.

“This is a shock and it’s scary,” Slutsky said.

AC’s Towing said this has been a very busy season for them.

Just last month with many days of extreme cold, they responded to about 400 calls.

Even though it’s stopped snowing the roads are still slick, if you need to head out take your time and take it slow.

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