Plastic bags may be banned in Pittsfield

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – Paper bags could be the future in Pittsfield.

The owner of one grocery store says this city has long been ready for the change.

“When you can do something positive and you know there’s a positive reaction, do it,” Anna Masiero, Guidos Fresh market Owner, said.

When one Massachusetts business-owner decided to ban plastic bags in her grocery store five years ago she says customers quickly jumped on board.

“You see everyone who comes in here has their reusable shopping bag every time.”

She’s not the only one who wanted to put an end to the plastic.

In 2013, local attorney Rinaldo Del Gallo drew up a petition five years ago to ban single-use plastic bags in retail stores throughout the city.

“I saw it was doable. They were already banning it in California and many countries and I thought we should do it here. [Plastic] is just terrible for the environment. It doesn’t break down, it stays around forever. it’s terrible.”

Del Gallos vision could finally become law. The Pittfield Ordinance and Rules committee discussed his petition Monday night and the reaction seemed positive.

“I’m in full favor of this. I’m supporting this,” John Krol, a city councilor, said.

The momentum carried on outside of the council meeting.

Some people grocery shopping downtown says they’re ready to nix the plastic and go green.

“You see the reports about sea and animals being caught in it and eating it and it’s just not good for our planet,” Marlena Leonard, a shopper, said.

“I think it’s probably better just to ban them,” Geordie, a shopper, said.

“It’s definitely a good thing to do. Good for the environment and hopefully it will become law.”

The petition has been tabled until March 5.

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