Jury selection underway for deadly Jay Street fire trial

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Jury selection is underway in Schenectady County Court for the trial of a man accused of playing a part in a deadly fire back in 2015.

Kenneth Tyree was a city code enforcement officer at the time of the Jay Street fire, which killed four people.

The process here is moving very slow so far. That’s because of the publicity surrounding the case, and the number of people who know about the fire finding impartial jurors is taking longer than usual.

Tyree was the courtroom as jury selection started on Monday.

There were some major code violations that prosecutors claim three ignored, including nonworking smoke detectors and pull alarms within the building.

Tyree is also accused of lying about his qualifications to hold the position in the first place.

His lawyer has previously claimed Tyree never received the level of training necessary to inspect a building like the one on Jay Street.

Tyree faces several charges including manslaughter.

Another man Jason Sacks, who was the building manager, previously plead guilty to the charges facing him.

As for the jurors, Monday was largely about the judge going through if any potential jurors know anyone involved in the trial, have already formed opinions, or can’t commit to the time involved.

The trial is expected to last for about four weeks.

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