Winter weather hindering Big Game travel throughout the Capital Region

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s a snowy Super Bowl Sunday in the Capital Region as the weather continues to dampen some people’s plans for the night.

There are already a couple of inches in Saratoga and you can see the snow is still coming down.

If you take a look at the roads, they’re snow-covered and slick.

Not exactly the weather people hope for on Super Bowl Sunday.

“It’s the really loose stuff that’s in the middle and the sides that are problematic,” said Eric Stone, Gennaro’s Pizza delivery driver.

Food deliveries don’t stop when it’s snowing outside, especially the day of the Super Bowl. It is one of the busiest days of the year for drivers like Stone. He’s been going door to door across Saratoga Springs.

But this kind of weather doesn’t make his job any easier.

“In certain situations when there’s enough snow it doesn’t really matter how much, how many wheels you have going, you can still slip,” Stone said.

That’s why Geoffrey Wein, who lives in the Saratoga area, left the city early for a party in Albany.

“It’s a little unfortunate but it’s worth it just to be with friends,” Wein said.

The same goes for Jeff Whiteside, he didn’t want to have to shovel the front of his house while getting ready for his own party; but he wanted his guests to be safe.

“I’d rather do something else,” Whiteside said. “I’m getting this out of the way so people can come in and they won’t fall up the stairs or down the stairs and then we’ll just sit inside for a few hours and have a good time.”

People are out roads driving to their parties, while others are clearing their driveways and sidewalks before the big game.

Trying to get it all done so they can enjoy the rest of the night whether they’re spending it with a large group of friends or just a couple of loved ones.

Most didn’t seem to mind the weather, but some would rather not have to deal with it.

Zack Vogel of Saratoga Springs didn’t mind the snow and neither did his kids. Even if they had to clean it all up.

“It’s great. The more the better,” Vogel said. “That’s how we get our exercise. We ski in the morning and do our upper-body workout in the afternoon.”

Staying positive, that’s what getting through the snow comes down to. If you’re not a big fan or have to work in it.

“There you are, hey listen thanks a lot, appreciate it, have a good one, alright take care,” Stone said.

For Stone, seeing the smiles when he makes a deliver is all worth it.

“Making them happy and making them full is my job,” Stone said.

The owner of Gennaro’s told NEWS10 ABC that by the end of the night they expect to have made 400 pizzas and 5,000 chicken wings.

If you’re heading out tonight make sure to take your time and take it slow.

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