Burned cat’s body found in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An Albany man makes a grim discovery out on a frozen Albany reservoir.

Police are now asking for the public’s assistance in finding whoever is responsible.

Andrew Rackowski says he and his girlfriend Rachel were taking in a nice Sunday afternoon at the Albany Pine Bush 6 Mile Waterworks when they decided to venture out onto the frozen reservoir. They spotted something dark on the ice.

“At first I thought it was a rock, something frozen in the lake.”

As they walked closer to the object, they realized it was not a rock.

“You saw that it was burnt and that it was an animal, but we didn’t know what it was.”

It was a cat that was deceased and badly burned.

“You could see the ears and the face of the cat and the tail. It looked like somebody used gasoline or lighter fluid.”

They called 911. A responding officer examined the cat noticed what appeared to be a wound on the animal’s back.

“He said somebody might have shot it or stabbed it.//The capacity to do that is what made me call the cops. Because if somebody has the capacity to do that to animals. If you’re going to do that to an animal you are probably going to carry that on to humans and people.”

“Right now we are trying to determine if it was alive before it was burned. Or if that’s something you can determine during a necropsy. We are still really early in the investigation,” Steve Smith, of Albany Police, said.

Smith says the staff at the park first noticed what appeared to them to be a small dark object on the ice last Thursday.

There are cameras in the area, and they may help identify the person or people responsible. Andrew, who is out of town and could only be reached by phone told me he wanted to speak out about this horrible crime in an effort to get someone who knows about the case to come forward.

“I hope somebody does come forward so I hope the cameras pick that up,” Rackowski said.

The cat may have had orange or light colored fur.

If you think you know who the cat had belonged to or know anything about this case you’re asked to call the Albany Police.

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