Super Bowl 52 Media Night

Monday night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, they held the annual Super Bowl Media Night. Both the Patriots and Eagles showed up and didn’t hold much back. Players showcased some talents, big personalities, and plenty of confidence on both sides. 

Media day for Super Bowl 52 did not disappoint. It’s an atmosphere where players can let loose. There was a shark, games, and even Jalen Mills sporting green hair. “You can’t say you want to go to Super Bowl and not live in this moment right here,” Mills told reporters.

And in a game that showcases Tom Brady against Nick Foles and a chance for a franchise first against a dynasty’s 6th, both teams are confident they’ll be celebrating Sunday.

Eagles wide receiver, Rashard Davis, said, “We just have to bring our best. Play the way we’ve been playing and do our best.”

“This is my first time being here, winning an NFC Championship and playing for a Super Bowl, so it will mean a lot to me and I’m sure it will mean a lot for the city and I can’t wait to see the city when we win,” said Pats Defensive Lineman, Malcom Brown.

Now Media Day is done, the focus will shift to the game, which airs Sunday, February 4th on NBC.

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