Landslide in Schenectady leaves one man with serious injuries

(Photo Credit: Tristan O'Donnell, NEWS10 ABC)

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Overnight, a landslide in Schenectady displaced a dozen people and left one man with serious injuries. Three individuals were rescued from their home.

Officials were called to the scene of a landslide in Schenectady around 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. They say three people were trapped in a building as a result and one man was transported by helicopter to Albany Medical Center.

Of the three people who were rescued from the landslide, the two remaining were treated for minor injuries. They were assisted by the American Red Cross.

Schenectady Fire Chief Ray Senecal stated that heavy equipment and airbags were used to extricate the individual that was trapped in the mud. It took the assistance of multiple police and fire departments to assist in the rescue and taking care of the scene.

“The individual was pinned by debris and actual mud from the embankment behind us so we used the jaws of life, airbags, and heavy equipment to get him out of the situation,” Senecal said.

The man sustained the most serious injuries after the mudslide pinned him beneath debris at his home. This came after the mud came tumbling down like an avalanche on the hill near his home.

We had a mud situation that collapsed the back of the building behind us.. we had 11 people in the building at the time,” Senecal said.

One of the 11 people who was evacuated is William McFarline, a New York City native who had been residing at a home at the bottom of the hill on Nott Terrace.

“At two in the morning banging on my door, cops saying we all had to evacuate. I told my kids to get up get dressed and get out . We had to get out fast,” McFarline said.

He and 10 others (excluding the man who was trapped), had to get out fast because the mud slid down the hill and their home at the top of hill became unstable.

“One house at the top there is at a precarious situation so we’ll do a workup of the whole situation and act appropriately later today,” said Schenectady Mayor, Gary McCarthy.

Officials say engineers are assessing the stability of the home, but until then, a portion of Nott Terrace will be closed in both directions.

NEWS10 ABC will continue to provide the latest updates as they are made available.

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