Puppies found abandoned in Pittsfield park

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – Police in Pittsfield are looking for information after two small puppies were found abandoned in Clapp Park.

The two puppies were found Saturday morning by a person walking in the park. Police responded and took the dogs to a local veterinarian where they were checked out before being taken to the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter where they will be cared for until they are old enough to adopt out.

Christa Wroldson, board chairman at the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter became responsible for the puppies after they were discovered in the park. They were initially taken to the Berkshire Veterinary Hospital to be checked out.

“It’s horrible that puppies are being left in a park in the middle of winter,” Wroldson said. “It had all the trappings of a dumped animal.”

They have signs of fleas and came to the shelter with worms. Otherwise she considers them fairly healthy. But, the puppies will need to be fostered for at least three weeks before they can continue caring for them.

“Five weeks old is way too young to be in shelter. It exposes them to everything the older dogs have and they could actually get sick here,” Wroldson said.

Once they reach eight to nine weeks old, they can get vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped so they will be ready for adoption. But, in the meantime, Wroldson wants to send a message.

“Just do the right thing. Bring your animals to where they can actually be cared for and we can actually find them a home,” Wroldson said.

She appreciates the stranger who go the puppies back to safety.

“Thank god they did. They’re too young to survive in the wild and they would have been dead in a week,” Wroldson said.

Photo: Pittsfield Police Department

If you have any information on the dogs owners or who left them in the park, you are urged to contact Pittsfield Police at (413) 448-9700. If you might be interested in adopting the puppies, contact the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter at (413) 448-9800.


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