NY National Guard ready to help localities with ice jams, flooding

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo activated 130 National Guard personnel and equipment to be ready to deploy to support localities with ice jam flooding due to warm temperatures and rain in rivers and streams across the state.

The governor’s office says the State Emergency Operations Center has been activated to enhanced monitoring.

Ice jams and ice jam potential are being monitored statewide, especially in the Western New York Region, the North Country, the Mohawk Valley Region, the Capital Region, and in the Southern Tier. People living in areas that are prone to ice jam flooding should take the time in advance to take precautions.

“The Division is working closely with our local and state partners on ice jam and flooding issues throughout the state. We will continue to provide any resources and expertise needed as we monitor and respond to any issues as they arise throughout the duration of this event,” Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Roger Parrino, Sr. said.

Below are flood preparation safety tips:

  • Learn the safest route from your home or business to high, safe ground should you have to leave in a hurry.
  • Develop and practice a ‘family escape’ plan and identify a meeting place if family members become separated.
  • Make an itemized list – as well as potentially photo and video documentation — of all valuables including furnishings, clothing and other personal property. Keep the list in a safe place.
  • Stockpile emergency supplies of canned food, medicine and first aid supplies and drinking water. Store drinking water in clean, closed containers
  • Plan what to do with your pets
  • Have a portable radio, flashlights, extra batteries and emergency cooking equipment available
  • Keep your automobile fueled. If electric power is cut off, gasoline stations may not be able to pump fuel for several days. Have a small disaster supply kit in the trunk of your car
  • Find out how many feet your property is above and below possible flood levels. When predicted flood levels are broadcast, you can determine if you may be flooded
  • Keep materials like sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting and lumber handy for emergency water-proofing
  • Check on your insurance coverage. Homeowners’ insurance policies generally do not cover flood damages. Only flood insurance can protect your home against flood damages. You can purchase flood insurance whether or not you live in a mapped flood zone

For a list of complete list of weather terms and preparation ideas before during and after a flood, visit the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services website at www.dhses.ny.gov/oem/safety-info/flood/floodprepare.cfm.

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