Jury selection starts in corruption case against former top Cuomo aide

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – The corruption and bribery trial in federal court for a former top Andrew Cuomo aide and several others is underway in Manhattan. 

The judge has found more than two dozen people eligible to sit on the jury in the trial for Joseph Percoco. A final jury still has to be selected. 

When that happens, those jurors will be tasked with deciding the fate of Percoco and several others who are accused in a corruption and bribery scheme. 

The charges, in this case, surround an alleged bid-rigging scheme involving a development company in Syracuse called COR development and an energy company. 

The scheme allegedly allowed Percoco to line his pockets with tens of thousands of dollars. 

Percoco was a top aide to Gov. Cuomo and court documents say he often served as the “gatekeeper” for anyone wishing for opportunities with the governor. 

He allegedly used this power to award projects worth millions to COR development and worked a similar scheme with the energy company. 

Another man allegedly involved Todd Howe previously plead guilty to the charges he faced and is cooperating with this trial. 

Opening statements are expected to begin Tuesday morning in federal court.


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