Four arrested after police raid in Troy

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Drugs, money, and guns are all things Troy Police say they found after raiding a second-floor apartment on Linden Avenue.

Police say they found two pounds of marijuana, 62 grams of the drug ketamine, four handguns, an assault rifle and a MAC-10 machine gun along with 150 rounds of ammunition and $4,000 cash.

“It was quite a haul and were very happy about it that were able to get those guns off the street and at just another example of the good hard work that’s getting done here,” Troy Police Captain Dan DeWolf said.

Captain DeWolf says the illegal drugs and weapons were found during a probation home visit.

“They conducted a residence check and when they were there they noticed some stuff in plain view, some drugs and I think some ammunition.”

Damier Klevitchgay, Kirsten Mainville, Olajuwon Sutherland, and Devonte Smith were all arrested and arraigned following the raid. All four, are facing several charges including criminal possession of a weapon.

DeWolf says the department is especially happy to have the ketamine, a drug commonly used as a horse tranquilizer, off the streets.

“It’s being mixed with other drugs and here with the whole opioid epidemic that’s going on,” DeWolf said. “While some people think the drug trade is not a violent trade, it is.”

The family living in the downstairs apartment didn’t want to be on camera but says they noticed a lot of foot traffic in and out of the apartment above them.

Even so, they never thought illegal drugs and weapons were involved.

DeWolf says at least three of the four people arrested were on law enforcement’s radar. He considers this raid a success for the department and the community.

“It’s scary but at the same time we’re thrilled that we were able to get this stuff off the street.”

New York State Police assisted the Troy Police Department and the Rensselaer County Probation Department in the raid.

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