Concerns over flooding in Schenectady County due to warmer temperatures

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Schenectady County agencies are preparing for potential flooding this weekend as temperatures are expected to rise.

The Mohawk River is packed with ice that has the potential to jam like it did last weekend.

It’s not that common this time of year. One of the Schenectady deptuy fire chiefs says it’s been several years since they’ve had a winter like this where they had to worry about flooding in the area.

“There are times where it does get a little scary down here,” Dan Matteson, a resident of the Stockade District in Schenectady, said.

Matteson knows this all too well living in the Stockade District for about eight years and losing everything to flooding from Hurricane Irene.

“There are things you just can’t replace.”

The problem is the district is a low-lying area that sits along the Mohawk River.

When there is a lot of rain or ice jams, there is always the potential for severe flooding.

John Sawyer just goes with the flow.

“Can’t worry about it. Whatever happens, happens,” Sawyer, a resident of the Stockade District, said.

Like last weekend when ice jams caused the river to overflow and flood Ingersoll Avenue past his home.

“It was up above the curb here but that’s all.”

He had to park up the street and walk through the water and ice to get there.

While it was a little inconvenient, it comes with the territory.

“Better be ready to run and gun.”

“It’s just normal to get everything out of your basement and get it up to the first floor,” Matteson said.

That’s still the case for Josh Randall. He gets worried even living near the high point of Ingersoll.

“It’s just illumining over us. We can just see it from the distance and you know it’s just icebergs just going down the road almost looks like,” Randall said.

The threat is back again as loose ice fills the Mohawk River and temperatures are expected to rise this weekend.

Schenectady County first responders are monitoring the river levels in Schenectady, Glenville, and Rotterdam and so too are the residents.

“We’re going to stay vigilant, that’s all we can do at this point,” Randall said.

“We’re just waiting to see what happens,” Matteson said.

The deputy fire chief says they are just hoping for a slow thaw.

They’re urging residents to register their cell phones for the county alert system in case of an emergency. Sign up for alerts.

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