Sheehan talks budget, protecting underserved communities in State of the City

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Albany mayor delivered her State of the City Address on Thursday.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan entered Albany City Hall to applause. It was a sharp contrast from one year ago. There were no protestors, and instead, the focus was on the issues facing Albany.

Sheehan understands what many are thinking.

“I know when we talk about this it sounds really wonky and boring,” she said.

But a focus on how to fix some of the biggest problems is crucial for moving forward.

“We need to make these investments,” she said.

At the top of her list is the $12.5 million not awarded to Albany in the New York State budget.

“Albany is treated like no other city in the state,” she said.

Sheehan said, in other years, that money has gone a long way to helping with the local budget. But this year, they will have to find it in other places.

“We need to be treated fairly,” she said. “This year, we need to make it permanent.”

From there, the mayor hit on key points, including Albany police wearing body cameras.

“They understand the challenges that we face in our community,” she said.

She also touched on accessing more help for first responders and helping protect underserved communities like Ezra Prentice.

“We need to listen to their voices if we are going to find solutions to the challenges that they face,” she said.

The unemployment rate was another big talking point, which was lowered in the city, but Sheehan said there is still a long way to go.

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