Passengers in Alex West’s boat sentenced in Lake George town court

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Continuing coverage on the fatal boat crash on Lake George back in July of 2016 that took the life of 8 year old Charlotte McCue.

Two of the passengers, who admitting to hindering prosecution by leaving the scene and trying to hide the driver from police, were sentenced Thursday morning.

Both Matthew Marry and Kristine Tiger walked freely into Lake George Town Court Thursday, but they left this building in handcuffs escorted into a sheriff’s patrol car headed for jail.

No comment came from Kristine Tiger or Matthew Marry as they walked into court.

In fact, both Christine and Bob Knarr, Charlotte’s grandparents, say prior to today their family had not once heard from either of them since that tragic day; some 18 months ago.

“Despite what may be said here today, I don’t believe he’s sorry for what happened that night. He’s not sorry for the devastation he’s caused my family he’s only sorry he got caught,” said Christine Knarr.

The Knarr’s faced the defendants and each read emotional victim impact statements.

Though it wasn’t easy to get through, they certainly got their messages across.

Perhaps the most powerful thing said in court came from Mr. Knarr as he addressed Kristine Tiger, saying “no one should be surprised by her (Tiger) actions as she was previously arrested back in 2012 for boating while intoxicated. Then got arrested back in may for possession of heroin and in June she overdosed, but was revived with narcan giving her a second chance at life.”

If only there were some miracle like narcan that could bring back his charlotte, Bob Knarr indicated.

“I saw the cowards killing boat pulling away with the lights off as we screamed and tried to get to safety. I knew right away that poor Charlotte was dead and that our lives would never be the same,” said Bob Knarr.

The judge then sentenced the Marry and Tiger to 45 days in Warren County Jail, three years of probation and 100 hours of community service and barred them from the lake for their entire probation period.

Moreland Keyes is the last remaining passenger in the boat that has unresolved charges pending in Queensbury Town Court.

As for Alex West, the driver of the boat, he is currently serving a sentence of 5 to 15 years in prison.

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