Troy mayor stands behind police department after AG releases Thevenin report

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TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The fallout continues after the New York State Attorney General’s Office released its report on a fatal officer involved shooting in Troy.

The attorney general took direct aim at the Troy Police Department, which seemed to upset Troy Mayor Patrick Madden.

Madden offered push back. He said the report unfairly put the Troy Police Department in a negative light. The report called the investigation “deficient and incomplete in several respects.”

Edson Thevenin was shot by Troy Sgt. Randy French following a traffic stop in April 2016. The AG claims that instead of interviewing key witnesses and fully examining forensic evidence, Troy police simply accepted Sgt. French’s account that he only fired his weapon after Thevenin used his Honda to pin French against his cruiser.

The report, which relied heavily on an independent investigator, showed that the downward trajectory of the bullet proves French fired his weapon prior to being pinned.

Also important, the fact that because of an immunity waiver involving the grand jury process, Sgt. French will not face criminal charges.

“The bottom line is whether or not he was granted immunity, the result would have been the same with the grand jury,” French’s attorney Andrew Safranko said. “You’re allowed to use self-defense, and therefore, his actions were justified.”

Mayor Madden defended the department saying, in part, “errors contained in the report unfairly put the Troy Police Department in a negative light.”

Madden refused to go into detail about the supposed errors when NEWS10 ABC went to his office on Wednesday. Troy residents, however, said what they thought of the report.

“The evidence speaks for itself,” one said.

“He shot that boy for no reason,” Christine Gardner said.

One of the attorney general’s suggestions to the Troy Police Department was to outfit officers with body cameras as well as dashboard cameras in their cruisers. The mayor’s office said it has seriously considered those suggestions, but they have been tabled for now by the city council.

Read the full report.

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