1/16 Pet Connection: Molasses

Molasses – F – DSH – Tortie – 2 years old

Molasses was found in our basement in December during that first cold snap. We had noticed some cat prints in the snow near the basement walk out, so we left the door open and set a trap downstairs near the furnace. Beautiful Molasses was in the trap the next morning.

She was super friendly, and fortunately, she wasn’t pregnant! She was SUPER SKINNY, so while she might have been an owned cat early on in her life (she’s not scared of the vacuum cleaner!), it’s unlikely she’s had a home recently, since she was a 2-year-old UNSPAYED cat.

She wolfed down each meal in mere SECONDS for the first few days, and she was also starved for attention. After she gorged herself she would pass out on my lap for half an hour, alternating between purring and snoozing. She gained over a pound in the first week we had her!

Since she’s been spayed and ready for her furever home, she has integrated VERY well into our foster cat group. She was a bit scared of the other adult felines at first, but now she cuddles up with other cats and even gives the kittens the occasional bath.

She gets along well with other cats, but she would also be okay as an only cat, as long as she has full-time attention from people.

She LOVES to cuddle and be snuggled. She’s happy to play with the other cats and chase feather toys, but she is also quite content to just nap on a lap. She would be a great companion for a retired person or couple.

Molasses is an awesome kitty who deserves a comfy, warm furever home.

Kitten Angels 518-573-9906

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