Alplaus Creek floods backyards

ALPLAUS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – One man’s property in Alplaus is showing us a new meaning to an ice jam.

Covered in thick ice, Larry Andrews used his plow to break up as much as he can.

“I’ve never had this down here this has been the worst down here.”

Andrews is used to flooding at his Brookside Place home.

This time overflow from the Mohawk River and Alplaus Creek froze and formed chunks of ice all over his property, and blocked his driveway.

Luckily, his house is untouchable and hoisted nine feet above the ground.

“When it floods down here over my head, my electricity, water, everything stays on so I’m good. The fire department keeps checking on me down here, ‘are you good’ I say, yeah I’m good.”

Andrews has lived here for 20 years.

He prepares for winter months in advance learning something new each time.

On Saturday, water covered the fifth step to his porch.

Andrews takes the good with the bad.

“I could have fished right off here if I wanted to. I was getting dinner right here. I was catching perch, bullhead.”

If temperatures warm up and more rain falls, Andrews says he’ll get flooded again.

To Andrews, this is all worth summers on the river.

“It’s nice down here. I’ll put up with this for what I have in the fall and the summer. It’s beautiful down here.”

Andrews is bringing in an excavator to break up all of these chunks of ice.

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