Icy roads plague Capital Region

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The roads were a mess all day and this morning NEWS10 ABC caught up with some people as they were some of the first to brave the icy roads.

“I’m trying to get in my trunk right now to get my rock salt,” said Regina Brummell of Albany.

Brummell is truly a one of a kind neighbor, because when it gets this icy, she gets up to salt both her and her neighbors sidewalk in the morning.

At my age I can’t afford to fall so I’m taking a protective measure,” Brummell said.

But she was not the only one salting the sidewalk for other people early this morning.

“This is the first year that I do this and I like. I like to clean and make safe this place because this is a disabled house,” said Mohammad Omar of Albany

With the freezing rain and temperatures dropping quickly today, the layer of ice has made the roads extremely slick.  And with the snow piling on top, the ice can also be hard to see.

I have to drive for everyone else to protect myself. So I just am cautious. I have to go to work this morning in Slingerlands so I’m starting early so I can have at least 45 minutes to get there,” Brummell said.

With all of this ice coming down, snow plows have been going by continuously all morning.

But despite the plows doing the best that they can, all of that slush this morning has now rapidly turned to ice. So people should drive with extreme caution and dress warmly.

“It’s real cold, but I’m prepared for this,” Omar said.

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