Locals enjoy brief weather warm up

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The warm up on Friday had people out of their homes and enjoying activities they normally do in the spring and summer.

Hitting golf balls isn’t a normal activity in January, but when springlike weather hit the Capital Region on Friday, golfers like Jada Mane headed out to the driving range.

“Fifty degrees, 45 degrees, I’m here,” he said.

In recent weeks, subzero temperatures took over so he didn’t have much of a chance to get in any practice.

“Every golfer loves to get his practice,” he said. “You need practice playing this sport.”

The same goes for Michael Reilly who hasn’t been able to ride his bike.

“I had to stay in for days and days and days,” he said. “For about a week I couldn’t step outside much.”

It was refreshing to take his bike out for a spin at Washington Park in Albany.

“First time in about four weeks it’s been warm, you know,” he said. “It’s great. I love it.”

Kinimo Ngoian loved it, too, even though he does brave the snow and cold for rides all the time.

“Don’t see snow on the ground, just a little bit of rain, but it’s alright,” he said. “I like it.”

Alana Nelsen also didn’t mind the warmer weather to take her dogs out for a walk.

“It takes, you know, 20 minutes to bundle up, but today, we could just throw on a light jacket,” she said.

But Nelsen knows the warmer weather isn’t going to last long.

“We’re enjoying it while we can,” she said.

The warm up only lasted one day. Temperatures are expected to drop with ice and snow heading into Saturday.

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