Emergency management officials monitoring water levels

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Steady rainfall and melting snow are raising the potential for flooding across the Capital Region.

Albany County Emergency Management crews are closely monitoring areas of concern.

It’s a warm and wet winter day, causing snow to melt and water to pool on busy roads.

With more rain on the way, Lee Bormann, from the Albany County Sheriff’s Emergency Management Unit, keeps an eye on water levels at the Corning Preserve.

In a time-lapse video, you can see the fog coming off the Hudson River as the ice quickly melts, raising the potential for flooding.

“We have a binder that lists all communities in Albany County and it identifies areas that are prone to flooding.”

Bormann has a stocked mobile Emergency Operations Center.  It’s equipped with lights, maps, a generator, and of course, a drone.

Officials are preparing for two types of flooding.

“One is the rivers and creeks rising with the rain and the snow melt causing flooding. Also, if the rain is heavy for extended periods of times, there are the flash floods.”

Over in Cohoes, the temperature reaches 62 degrees before 2 p.m.

Bormann checked the dam for potential ice jams or overflow.

During all of this, he stays in contact with other local and state agencies, sharing reports and keeping up to date on conditions.

“We all collaborate, we all are partners.”

Bormann classifies this as a multi-hazard storm because right now dealing with flood concerns and later temperatures are expected drop and there are concerns of icy roads and potential power outages.

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