NY Assembly hearing held on recreational marijuana

In this June 28, 2017, photo, marijuana plants grow at the Desert Grown Farms cultivation facility in Las Vegas. If you smoked pot and want to go to war, it’s not a big deal anymore. As more states eliminate penalties for marijuana use, the U.S. Army is granting hundreds of waivers to enlist people who consumed in their youth _ as long as they realize they can’t do so again in the military. (AP Photo/John Locher, File)

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – A hearing was held in New York to discuss the possible decriminalization of marijuana.

Lawmakers heard testimony from several experts on Thursday, including the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Committee, on the potential of allowing regulated pot sales and possession in New York.

Assembly members looked at studies that showed a disproportionate number of African American and Latino New Yorkers continue to be arrested each year for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

Committee members also reviewed the current law, which hasn’t been amended in 40 years.

“Legalization and regulation benefits public health by enabling the government oversight of the production, testing, labeling, distribution, and sale of cannabis,” Dr. Julie Holland, of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, said. “Cannabis prohibition has also led to the proliferation of dangerous synthetic cannabinoids, spice and K2.”

Lawmakers heard from several industries, including medical professionals, law enforcement and drug police experts.

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