NY IDC leader accused of sexual harassment

Credit: Jeffrey Klein/Twitter

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York’s Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) Leader Jeff Klein is being accused of sexual harassment by one of his staffers.

The staffer has gone to a reporter for the Huffington Post saying that he forcibly tried to kiss her outside a bar one night.  The alleged incident happened in March 2015 right after the budget.

Sen. Klein held a conference call Wednesday to try and get ahead of the story.

He is denying the story and had Sen. Diane Savino on the call with him who said she was at the bar that night and did not witness anything. While Savino was not outside with Klein, she said she could see outside the whole time of the alleged incident and no kiss ever occurred.

Sen. Klein acknowledged that there was a rumor in the office the day after the event that the alleged kiss took place. He said he dismissed it, however, and no complaint was ever filed.

The staffer no longer works in the senator’s office.

‘I want to be crystal clear,” he said. “This alleged incident never happened nor did anything inappropriate in any fashion happen that evening, period.”

Klein said he has hired an attorney, and this is the first time he has ever faced these sort of allegations.

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