Garbage company accused of illegal dumping

FORT ANN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Glens Falls garbage company is facing more trash troubles.

First, customers told NEWS10 ABC they were waiting weeks for pick-up, then a driver is arrested for DWI, and now there are allegations of illegal dumping.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office says it’s working alongside the state Department of Environmental Conservation to investigate allegations that AB Waste & Removal is dumping garbage on a property in rural Fort Ann.

“I’ve seen them bring truckloads of things in here, but I’ve never seen them bring anything out,” Albert Tripp, a neighbor, said.

The DEC isn’t yet confirming why the property is being investigated, but neighbors like Tripp say they’re concerned.

“The neighbors behind here obviously can see in better than I can, and they say there’s been garbage there all summer long.”

AB Waste & Removal is the same company that’s leaving some customers waiting weeks for trash pick-up.

“It’s not fun. I was taking it to my daughter’s ‘cause her trash pick-up is perfect,” Sandra Furr, AB Waste & Removal customer, said.

Furr says her last pick-up was before Christmas and that her landlord finally had to haul her trash away in a pick-up.

“I think she should get new trash service because those guys aren’t dependable.”

Another bump in the road for the company this week after one of its drivers was arrested for driving drunk and without a license in a garbage truck.

NEWS10’s calls to owner Joe Austin went unanswered on Wednesday: “The mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages at this time.”

On Monday, he said the delays were caused by former management and truck issues.

“They started out as a good company. I can give them that. And he just got way over his head too fast with too many customers,” Seth Goodspeed said.

Goodspeed, who co-owns Goodspeed Services, says storing or dumping trash could be a sign of financial issues.

“Ten tons of trash at $70 dollars a ton, that’s $700 to dump a truck.”

He says he takes personal offense to a company hiring unlicensed drivers and neglecting its customers.

The owner of AB Waste & Removal maintains his innocence and says his drivers are out on the roads every day trying to catch up on pick-ups.

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