Wishes Come True – Gianna Sylvester

(NEWS10) – Eight-year-old Gianna Sylvester and her dog grace are inseparable.

Grace is a service dog. Gianna suffers from a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy.

“She has multiple types of seizures, generally uncontrolled, and takes medication for all of them. Has breakthrough seizures, mostly at night, it’s great to have Grace because she lets me know when that’s coming,” Corinne Sylvester, mom, said.

Grace is highly trained to detect Gianna’s seizures in advance. She came to the Sylvester family in Schoharie County by way of Noelle’s Dogs Four Hope in Colorado thanks to Make-A-Wish of Northeast New York.

“She was trained for an entire year in Colorado. She was delivered trained to my front door. The people with Colorado plates pulled up to my front door and delivers this sweet dog. They stayed for a week with us and did training with us. Showed us all the commands and what she does,” Corinne said.

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