Opening statements begin in fatal hit-and-run trial

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Opening statements were held Tuesday in a deadly hit and run in Washington Park that left a 21-year-old dead last February.

Jose Martinez is charged with manslaughter.

After listening to the opening statements, I think it will be a case that boils down to video evidence and forensic evidence, or the lack thereof.

Martinez was expressionless in Albany County Court as the prosecutor began laying out the case against him. They say Martinez first rear-ended a car then fled through Washington Park where Rajine Martinez had fallen down in the road just before 4 a.m.

“He did not touch his breaks, he did not touch his breaks enough to leave a mark in the road he did not stay after he ran over her skull and killed her he left the scene he went home and he lied to the police about being there the night before.”

He says Jose first fled from the fender bender because he was violating parole by being out past curfew, buying beer and driving. The prosecution says street cameras link him to the deadly hit and run moments later.

“What it will allow you to do as jurors when you see this proof is connect all of those videos into one timeline.”

The defense also had their turn and began by repeating what Jose Martinez has maintained since day one.

“I’m innocent and I didn’t do this and the people will not be able to prove it otherwise.”

She says it was the two individuals who the prosecutor says were helping Rajine, are actually the ones that ran her over. The defense also says that Jose’s car shows no forensic evidence.

Rajine was a UAlbany graduate. She had been drinking and was dressed in all black but everyone can agree she didn’t deserve what happened to her.

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